Trials meets enduro with the new KTM FREERIDE 250 F. Lightweight, easy to ride and coupled with exceptional agility makes it any outrider’s dream. A fuel-injected, state-of-the-art 250 cc DOHC 4-stroke single ensures power is always available, allowing you to tackle the gnarliest of trails with the utmost of confidence. If that isn’t enough, traction control and optional engine mapping make scaling rough terrain as simple as, literally, flicking a switch.

Motor og eksos

Motor og Eksos

With a motor based on the wildly popular KTM 250 EXC-F enduro machine, the KTM FREERIDE 250 F delivers tractable performance in a compact package. The homologated motor churns out a healthy 20.5 hp and 18 Nm of peak torque, which makes it easy to navigate through twisty single trails. This is supported by shorter rations in the lower gears of the 6-speed transmission. The exhaust has also been developed to be lightweight, while keeping
decibels as low as possible without breaching Euro 4 emissions standards.


To keep the engine compact, KTM’s engineers develop parts that can do more than one thing. The crankshaft, for example, turns a laterally mounted intermediate gear, which in turn drives the timing chain while acting as a balancer shaft and driving the water pump. A hydraulic timing chain tensioner ensures precise and reliable valve timing.


The 6-speed transmission sings perfectly in tune with the power delivery of the 250cc engine and provides a precise and easy shifting action. The new KTM FREERIDE 250 F is equipped with the KTM “No Dirt” gear shift lever, preventing dirt from blocking the joint. The standard final drive ratio is 14:49, and an extra […]


When designing this exhaust system, the engineers focused on low noise levels and emissions as well as an outstanding torque delivery for great rideability throughout. The reworked header is routed underneath the engine, protected by the frame and a sturdy bash plate. From there, exhaust gases are directed to the two rear aluminum silencers. Featuring […]


The state-of-the-art Keihin Engine Management System (EMS) with electronic fuel injection features a new 42mm throttle body. Thanks to its unique injector position, the engine’s response gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘instantaneous’, while contributing to a low fuel consumption. Separate circuits for cold-starting and idle make on-site adjustments easy. Push the throttle […]


The centerpiece of the compact DOHC engine is this cutting-edge cylinder head. It has light, dual overhead camshafts with friction-optimized finger followers boasting a hard DLC coating. Four durable steel valves are actuated by two overhead camshafts and DLC coated cam followers, up to a whopping 10,000 rpm.


The cooling system routes coolant from the cylinder head directly to the radiator, which is mounted in a well-protected position behind the front frame tube. The radiator fan is now controlled directly by the EMS, eliminating the need for a separate temperature switch.


The KTM FREERIDE 250 F has newly KTM-developed DS clutch (diaphragm steel) with a wear-free steel basket, extremely heat resistant clutch plates and nitrated steel liners. This clever design employs a diaphragm spring instead of the usual coil springs, making for considerably easier clutch action. Light operation and telepathic amounts of control come as standard […]



Built to have the agility of a trials bike, but to have the comfort, stability and familiarity of an enduro chassis, the KTM FREERIDE 250 F is kept as lightweight and nimble as possible in order to traverse the toughest terrain.


The new KTM FREERIDE 250 F is equipped with lightweight wheels in 21 inches front and 18 inches on the rear, featuring CNC machined hubs and newly designed, high-end aluminum rims by Giant, anodized in black and carrying a FREERIDE logo. These wheels are practically unbeatable in terms of weight, combined with the highest levels […]


Newly designed, CNC machined triple clamps ensure enhanced clamping of the fork, matching the lengthened steering head of the new KTM FREERIDE 250 F’s frame. When combined, these new design features increase the rigidity of the complete front end for improved tracking stability.


The Maxxis Trialmaxx OEM tires have been developed specifically for the KTM FREERIDE range. While delivering plenty of traction, they leave much less of an impression in the ground than conventional Enduro competition tires thanks to their high land-to-sea ratio, which means they tear up the tracks less. Their high casings provide appreciably more comfort […]


At 260 mm of wheel travel, the new WP PDS XPlor shock absorber is a perfect match for the new WP XPlor 43 fork, while saving 430 g of weight over the previous component. The proven and successful PDS rear suspension design (progressive damping system) has become something of a KTM trademark. On the WP […]


The KTM FREERIDE 250 F uses the brand new WP XPlor 43 fork, a set of 43 mm upside-down fork legs with 250 mm of travel. With outstanding response and damping characteristics, the new WP XPlor 43 has an even more sensitive feel and enhanced protection against bottoming out. A split fork design with springs […]


The latest Formula brake system features a radial 4-piston caliper up front and a radial 2-piston caliper in the rear, perfectly matched to their 260 and 210 mm Wave brake discs. New rear brake pads make for enhanced foot brake control while the new braided front brake hose routes the speedometer cable through an integrated […]

Ergonomi og komfort

Ergonomi og komfort

The bodywork on the KTM FREERIDE 250 F aids in providing greater rider mobility with excellent contact points. A low seat height is also perfect for shorter riders, while its narrow design and simple ergonomics appeal to both beginners and experts alike.ng and control out on the track.


The long, narrow seat combines unrestricted freedom of movement with excellent comfort. It is easily unlocked and unlatched for access to the tank, fuel filter and electrics. At a seat height of just over 900 mm, the new KTM FREERIDE 250 F offers safe ground contact, even in difficult terrain, especially useful for instilling beginners […]


The new KTM FREERIDE 250 F is fitted with a tapered Neken handlebar made of high-strength aluminum. It has the same bend as the EXC handlebar and compared to the predecessor it is slightly wider for increased leverage. The throttle assembly features a rugged aluminum body with easy free play adjustment, allowing the throttle response […]


By reversing the footpeg brackets, the position of the footpegs can be moved 8 mm to the rear. This lets the rider fine-tune the traction and cornering behavior of the bike: the front position means easier cornering, while the rear position yields increased traction.

Bodywork og dekaler

Bodywork og dekaler

There is no doubting the FREERIDE’s READY TO RACE genetics. With graphics being cleverly integrated into the body panels to save weight and make for smooth edges, riders can move about the bike without any hooks or lips. Slim-line designed fenders and standard open-ended handguards complete the package.


The KTM FREERIDE 250 F features an easy to use dashboard with a new digital speedometer from MAE and numerous features, including integrated warning and indicator lights. For model year 2018, the speedometer cable is well protected in the braided front brake hose tube, which now has an integrated channel. In addition, the bike features […]

Programvare og elektronikk

Programvare og elektronikk

Sophisticated traction control paired with the ability to switch between engine maps on-the-fly, makes the KTM FREERIDE 250 F a class-leader. (Only to be activated in the closed-course race configuration).


The 250cc engine comes to life at the push of a button thanks to its reliable E-starter. A new, lightweight lithium-ion battery is used to supply power, saving approximately 1 kg of weight over a conventional lead-acid battery, while providing three times the starting energy. A new battery casing makes sure the high-tech battery is […]

Tekniske detaljer


1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
249.91 cm³
78 mm
52.3 mm
Electric starter
Secondary gear ratio
Wet, CSS multi-disc clutch, Formula hydraulics
Keihin EMS
CO2 emissions
Fuel consumption
Frame design
Perimeter steel-aluminium composite frame
Front suspension
WP upside-down Ø 43 mm
Rear suspension
WP PDS shock absorber
Suspension travel (front)
250 mm
Suspension travel (rear)
260 mm
Front brake
Disc brake
Rear brake
Disc brake
Front brake disc diameter
260 mm
Rear brake disc diameter
210 mm
Steering head angle
67 °
1418 ± 10 mm
Ground clearance
325 mm
Seat height
915 mm
Tank capacity (approx.)
5.5 l
Weight READY TO RACE (without fuel)
98.5 kg
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